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We are delighted to announce the outcome of our latest Ofsted Inspection as a “Good School”. Please click here for the full Report.

Exam Results 2018

I would like to congratulate all of the students who have contributed to the school’s GCSE results. At a time when examinations are becoming more challenging it is with great satisfaction that we see the hard work of our young people being rewarded.

This year students have sat the new reformed GCSEs, in the vast majority of their subjects, for the first time. The A*-G GCSE grades in these subjects are now replaced with a GCSE grade scale of 9 (high attainment) to 1 which distinguishes the new GCSEs from the predecessor qualifications. The examinations are designed to assess a more demanding curriculum.

Under this new system, students with a grade 4 will achieve a ‘standard pass’ whilst those with a grade 5 will achieve a ‘strong pass’. A grade 4 is equivalent to a grade C and will enable individual pupils to progress to further study and employment.

55.9% of our students achieved the new Basics measure (Maths and English GCSE), securing for themselves a brilliant springboards into further education. 25.3% of our students also achieved the English Baccalaureate (Maths, English, Science, a language & a humanity GCSE), which was 1.3% above last year’s national average.

Measure 2017 National Year 11 Result
Attainment 8 4.42 4.37
% Achieving Ebacc
20% 15.3%
% Achieving Ebacc
24% 25.3%
9-5 in  E & M 39% 32.9%
9-4 in E & M 63% 55.9%

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