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Uniform and Shoes


All pupils must wear the correct uniform to School together with the appropriate kit for Physical Education, Food Technology and Design Technology (as described in the Parent and Pupil Guide Handbook that can be found on the School’s website).

Pupils who attend School wearing the incorrect uniform will be sent home to change.

All Staff will check regularly for the wearing of correct uniform by pupils. For persistent non-compliance by individual pupils – sanctions will be applied and communicated home (by phone, e-mail, text etc and logged on the e-portal). The STAR Card will be used to monitor the pupils in terms of uniform.

When pupils are given a Non-uniform Day, the School still expects pupils to be dressed appropriately. Instructions for this will be given on the website.

All items of school uniform listed below are required with the exception of navy blue v neck jumpers which are optional.


Either a Blue Shirt (no “button down” collars) with a clip on blue tie (tie only available from school) OR Blue Open Neck shirt with no tie.

Navy Blue Blazer with school badge
Navy Blue V Neck Jumper (optional). NO SWEATSHIRTS
Plain BLACK SMART “suit style” trousers. NO LEGGINGS/JEGGINGS etc.
Plain navy blue or black socks
Plain ALL BLACK “business like” shoes
All above except – White Shirt (no button down collars)
Year 11 Tie
All pupils are requested to wear a plain outdoor coat
PT Schoolwear 14 Market Parade, Bury

0161 761 1365

PT Schoolwear 7 New Road Radcliffe

0161 723 0991

Top Form by Monkhouse 116 The Rock Bury 0161 764 4320 Macron Store Manchester

Unit 1A, Off Bright Street, Bury, Lancs, BL9 6AQ

07479 110 700

Football scarves, hooded tops and hats are not to be worn to School.  Jewellery, except wrist watches, should not be worn to School – this includes any form of piercings.  Pupils should not wear any form of make-up including fake tan, eyelashes, coloured or acrylic nails.  Extreme hair styles or colours are unacceptable.  Hair should be tied back using plain bands or slides.  Any form of Headdress worn for religious purposes must be in plain blue/black material.

The Headteacher will have the final decision on all uniform issues.

In addition, all pupils must have a white, cotton protective workshop apron for practical work in Design Technology. This can be bought from any outlet. To help to ensure hygiene standards, all pupils must have a royal blue (not navy) school apron for all practical Food Technology lessons. Pupils should bring the money to their first Food Technology lesson. In Art lessons pupils may be asked to wear an old shirt to protect their uniform. Pupils also need a suitable bag in which to carry books to and from school.