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Philips High School Staff – September 2023

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Ms T Owen Headteacher
Mr C Hibbert Co-Headteacher
Mrs J Duxbury Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Bailey Assistant Headteacher
Mrs D Makin Assistant Headteacher
Mr P Kellett Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E Platt Assistant Headteacher
Ms J Potts Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Dalziel Assistant Headteacher, Head of Music
Mrs F Cooper Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)
Mrs R Taylor Business Manager
Mrs J Wiggins Headteacher PA
Miss A Kansik Safeguarding in education Officer (DSL)
Mr R Kell Attendance Officer
Year 7 A Morris and C Suttie
Year 8 A Dolan and C Patel
Year 9 K Parkinson, C Chapple and V Heywood
Year 10 D Carden
Year 11 C Gill and D Stacey
Miss H Austin Learning Support Assistant (LSA)
Miss L Aldred Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Miss T Aldred Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mr J Barlow P.E. / Wellbeing
Mr C Beckwith Apprentice Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mr T Bennett Humanaties
Mrs A Blackshaw Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mr S Browne Maths, Early career teacher (ECT)
Miss I Bruce Head  of English
Mr D Carden English, HOY 10
Mrs K Carinci Second in PE
Mr P Carinci Head of PE
Miss R Chapman Head of Biology
Mrs C Chapple Head of Food and Nutrition, HoY 9
Mr C Clayton Science
Mrs S Cochrane Head of Science
Miss C Codres Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), EAL & Lit Co-ord
Mr M Coldwell Head of ICT & Computing
Miss V Craig Head of Art & Professional Mentor of  ITT’s
Ms J Crossley Assistant Second in English
Ms M Davey Individual Support Assistants (ISA), CCF
Mr M Davies Science, Temp
Mrs M Diamanti Learning Support Assistant (LSA)
Miss J Dobson Head of Religious Studies
Ms J Dodd Geography
Ms L Edwards Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mrs A Evans Head of Performing Arts
Mr T Fleming Head of History / Humanities
Miss M Garcia Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), Maths
Mr J Garstang English
Mrs S Gianella-Pople Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Miss L Gilks Art, Early career teacher (ECT)
Mr M Grundy Head of Technology
Mrs G Hargreaves Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs R Hazzelby-Owens Second in English/Literacy
Miss V Heywood English, HOY 9
Mrs C Hillary (pt) Modern and Foreign Languages
Miss T Hope Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mrs E Jones (pt) Modern and Foreign Languages
Mr T Khalil Computing
Mr S Lancelott Third in Mathematics
Mrs S Lane Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mrs G Lockyer Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)
Mrs H Mansbridge Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mr G Marks Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mrs E McCaffery Learning Support Assistant (LSA)
Mrs R McCarthy Science, CCF/Contingent Commander
Mrs E Mcluskie Head of Geography
Mr P Milroy-Mcleod Second in Mathematics
Ms A Nasir Apprentice Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mrs S Newsham Special Educatinal Needs (SEN) Manager
Mr D Park Humanaties, D of E Instructor
Mr P Patel Maths, HOY 8
Ms R Platt Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Ms T Qayam Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mrs J Rothwell Head of Mathematics
Ms I Savova Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Miss Z Schofield Third in Physical Education 
Mr J Simms Music
Mrs D Smith Maths
Mrs C Suttie Religious Studies, HOY 7
Mr D Stacey Computing, HOY 11
Mr A Szczap Third in Mathematics
Mrs K Taylor Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs R Tweedale Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Miss M Wharmby Individual Support Assistants (ISA)
Mrs E Wightman Head of Modern and Foreign Languages
Mrs R Williams English, Head of Character