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KS3 – Science

Science is taught for 1 hour six times per fortnight. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught throughout the lessons as thematic topics with each unit having a focus on either Biology, Chemistry or Physics; even though there are links between each discipline. At KS3, students have ‘spaced learning lessons’ where staff will revisit concepts that students have not understood well, use recall strategies to assist students in remembering more and explain exam technique so students know what to expect in their termly exams.

Baseline assessments are used in Year 7, as an informative tool for staff to adapt their lessons targeting the skills that students in their class need to focus on the most. Baseline assessments in Year 9, inform staff what skills students need to develop so that they are prepared to start their GCSEs in Year 10. Teachers will then adapt their lessons throughout year 9 for the students in their class to develop these specific skills.

Each topic is taught using a Big Question. These help students to see relevance of science to their everyday life and events. Students will answer the Big Questions at the end of every unit. Our Big Questions are found on the learning journey. Please take a look.

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