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What The Pupils Say

What The Pupils Say

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Gardening Club


“Drama gives you a sense of identity in the school”
“RS lessons have really opened my mind to other people’s thinking”
“I personally love English because it gives me the chance to express myself” – Josh
“Singing at PHS has inspired me to pursue a professional career”
“The trip to London was an extremely memorable trip. I would definitely go again” – Jen
“I really enjoy the way that teachers go out of their way to explain tricky ideas to us”
“I think learning a language is giving me skills for later life” – Lilly
“The depth of discussions we have in Life Skills is great! Understanding about the problems with Facebook is so important”
“Maths is fun!”
“The trip to Berlin was awesome!” – Joe
“I love Art, it gives me the opportunity to really express myself”
“Drama builds confidence and helps build team work”
“I love Science practical work. It’s really challenging yet very rewarding”
“I love DT and it is my most important subject in becoming an architect” – Lewis
“Role play is fun and really made me question my views”.
“You never know what you are going to do next in Geography. Lessons are always different”
“I really enjoy maths lessons and the teachers are very knowledgeable”
“I love learning languages, they are fun and useful!” – Josh
“I love our English lessons and the discussions we have in class.  I love reading and our library is fantastic!!” – Emily
“The computer facilities are great!  I am creating my own website as I want to be the next Bill Gates!” – Connor