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Pupil Premium Strategy

Pupil Premium Strategy – Intent

Our intention is that all pupils, irrespective of their background or the challenges they face, make good progress and achieve high attainment across all aspects of the curriculum. The focus of our pupil premium strategy is to support disadvantaged pupils to achieve that goal, including progress for those who are already high attainers.
High-quality teaching is at the heart of our approach, with a focus on areas in which disadvantaged pupils require the most support. This is proven to have the greatest impact on closing the disadvantage attainment gap and at the same time will benefit the non-disadvantaged pupils in our school.
Our approach will be responsive to common challenges and individual needs of our pupils, rooted in robust diagnostic assessment, not assumptions about the impact of disadvantage. The approaches we have adopted complement each other to help pupils excel. To ensure they are effective we will:
• ensure disadvantaged pupils are challenged in the work that they’re set through curriculum evaluation and adaptation.
• act early to intervene at the point need is identified.
• adopt a whole school approach in which all staff take responsibility for disadvantaged pupils’ outcomes and raise expectations of what they can achieve.
In addition, we will look at wider whole-school strategies to improve the attendance, behaviour, and aspirations of all pupils which will in turn support our goal to close the attainment gap.

Pupil premium strategy / self- evaluation (secondary)