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Medicines in School


Philips  high school has a strict Medicines Policy. If a pupil has a long term health or medical condition that means that medication needs to be kept in school, then this will be sanctioned providing the medicines are prescribed and contained in a box that displays the prescription on the actual box ( see Medical Policy). We will also require parents/carers to complete permission forms before any medicines can be given out by staff.  Staff will only use emergency medication if they have been fully trained.

Care plans are written following advice from parents/carers and medical professionals. The care plans are adapted for use during school trips following a meeting with parents/carers and a full risk assessment carried out.

The school keeps a list of pupils with medical conditions so that staff are aware of all pupils who have a medical condition. Reasonable adjustments are made both in school and on school trips for pupils with medical and physical disabilities.

Some pupils who have an EHCP with a physical disability may also follow a physiotherapy programme.

The school operates a PEEP policy (personal emergency evacuation plan) for SEN pupils who may be at risk in an emergency. Parents/carers and pupils are made aware of these plans.

Pupils who need temporary prescribed medication can also have this in school if it is required four times a day only and again full written permission from the parent/ carers is required before this can be actioned.