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KS4 Triple Science

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Triple Science

Students studying triple science will be awarded 3 separate GCSEs at the end of year 11. They will sit 6 x 1hr 45mins exams. Each GCSE will be separate for eg the Biology GCSE will be made up of only the biology grade. The 3 GCSEs are not tied, they are completely separate from each other.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught for 3 lessons per fortnight each, by specialist science teachers. In Triple science, students have ‘spaced learning lessons’ where staff will revisit concepts that students have not understood well, use recall strategies to assist students in remembering more and explain exam technique so students know what to expect in their termly exams.

Each topic is taught using a Big Question. These help students to see relevance of science to their everyday life and makes an additional link to career options in some cases. Students will refer to the Big Questions throughout every unit. Our Big Questions are found on the learning journey. Please take a look.


Content Covered
Biology Journey
Chemistry Journey
Physics Journey

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