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Gardening Club

Gardening Club

The gardening club runs in the Summer months and is aimed at Year 7 pupils.  Pupils can however stay with us as long as they wish and we have Year 9 pupils within the club who still joins us to participate in growing our products.

The Lobjoit Gardening Team have been busy this year planting and now harvesting red skinned potatoes, peas and strawberries; both cultured and wild varieties. This year was especially good for them all and have produced bumper crops. We have also planted shrubs in the garden and more daffodils on our ‘Field of Hope’ to blossom in the spring.

Our yield has also provided many households with herbs for cooking and the Food Technology Department has also combined the ingredients with their own during lessons.

The VIG (Very Important Gardeners) have been contributing to the upkeep of the Lobjoit Court for a period of four years, in some cases. They are an invaluable addition to my team and work tirelessly most lunch times towards the upkeep for the enjoyment of all pupils and staff.

Many staff have been found sunning themselves at lunch while they eat their sandwiches. Likewise, it has become a relaxed atmosphere for 1:1 reading sessions or small group intervention.

I hope to encourage more pupils to join in with their friends whilst having fun which makes the hard work so much easier.