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Department Page – D T & Foodtech


The Technology department consists of Food and Resistant Materials.

Food and Nutrition is taught in a large purpose built practical facility. We have a subject specialist who is supported by a dedicated technician.

Resistant Materials is taught by a subject specialist, supported by a technician in a classroom and a workshop.

Food and Nutrition

KS3 YEAR 7 How food fuels the body.
YEAR 8 How to buy, store, prepare and cook food safely. Ethical and sustainable eating.
YEAR 9 Exploring different raising agents and how fats can be used in cooking.
   KS4 WJEC  Level 1 / 2 Hospitality and Catering

Resistant Materials

KS3 YEAR 7 SammyStaySafe PPE project. Introduction to 3D sketching. Materials technology – timbers. Introduction to electronics. Design/Make a Mobile Phone Stand. Evaluation of project.
YEAR 8 Teamwork – bridge project. Materials technology – plastics. Introduction to 3D printing. Design/Make and evaluate a clock using CAD/CAM. Evaluation of project.
YEAR 9 Teamwork – water carrier project, prototype manufacturing, use of microcontrollers. Materials technology – metals. Electronics continued – changing LED circuit assembly. CAD/CAM continued with lamp design and production using the laser cutter. Evaluation of project.
KS4 VCERT ENGINEERING: Understanding the engineering world, Skills and techniques in engineering,

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