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At Philips High School we have pupils with all types and levels of special need, from school support, school support plus through to EHCP/statement. We support pupils according to their needs. We realise that all pupils are different and support packages need to be adapted to their needs.

The department includes a fully qualified SpLD teacher, SSAs and HLTAs. We work with class teachers in order that they effectively differentiate for pupils with SEN within the classroom. We are committed to working with parents and welcome their advice and support.

We work closely with the LA’s support agencies and the medical services.

We realise that transition from Primary to Secondary and Secondary to College can be a stressful time. We run transition programmes and provide support for the pupils and parents in conjunction with outside agencies.

Categories of support and provision provided


Pupils are tested on arrival to Philips and are provided with provision according to the severity of their learning difficulty. Pupils can have difficulties with both literacy and numeracy.


  • SSA support in class
  • HLTA intervention for literacy and numeracy
  • SpLD teaching input (small group or individual withdrawal)
  • Reading interventions
  • Spelling interventions
  • Supported homework club
  • Differentiation and support from the class teacher


We support pupils with all kinds of medical conditions and physical difficulty; support provided depends on the level of need. We have a fully trained HLTA, who is also a first aider. We work closely with the LA advisory teacher and with the medical services.


  • SSA support in class
  • Support moving around the building
  • Support on school trips
  • Physiotherapy programmes
  • Support with medication
  • Medical passes
  • Differentiation in class
  • Support with additional equipment requirements

Sensory impairment:

We support pupils with sensory issues and work closely with the LA’s support services in order to provide effective support.


  • Differentiation within the classroom
  • Support with additional equipment requirements
  • Differentiated materials
  • Support from sensory services

Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties:

Pupils with SEMH difficulties respond well to provisions provided. We work closely with the medical services and the Inclusion Support Team (IST) outreach service.


  • Differentiation within the classroom
  • Mentoring input
  • SSA support
  • Individual intervention sessions
  • Group work sessions, including anger management sessions
  • Lesson passes
  • Pastoral support
  • Support from the IST outreach worker

Communication difficulties:

We support pupils with all levels of communication difficulties and work closely with the LA’s communication difficulties team.


  • HLTA intervention and mentoring
  • Mentoring input
  • SSA support
  • Pastoral support
  • ‘Super Sevens’ break time club

The use of a ‘quiet room’ at lunch time.

If you would like to find out more information, please read the school information report and our SEN policy. In addition, you can contact either the SENCO or the Assistant SENCO.