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The Thrive Curriculum is constantly reviewed, developed and an improved in line with government guidelines and academic research. Learning Journeys for all Thrive pupils are carefully refined and differentiated by subject leads and subject specialists to promote mastery and progress.

Heads of Department have selected key skills that they believe are integral for Thrive pupils to master. By tailoring the curriculum in this way, we hope to ensure our pupils are presented with a supportive and differentiated learning journey that promotes long-term learning and mastery.

The Thrive pathway offers a learning experience whereby pupils are provided with opportunities to become more literate in all subjects, communicate through a variety of forms and develop life skills essential to their own personal development. Extended tasks and feedback are frequent and ensure gaps in knowledge are filled and that pupils are aware of their development.

Pupils will make progress, develop as learners and achieve their full academic and personal potential:

  • clear progression made through the planned scaffolding of the curriculum
  • assessment, feedback, reflection and improvement of work to develop skills
  • focus on key skills and knowledge to encourage mastery and allow pupils to access and engage with all work
  • Stretch and challenge offered in all areas of the Thrive department
  • interleaving and revision throughout the curriculum to ensure deep learning
  • Sex and Education specialist provision for Thrive students ensure important life skills are understood clearly and effectively
    Pupils are prepared for life beyond school:
  • a curriculum and its delivery which challenges, motivates, inspires and embeds vital life skills to allow pupils to thrive as individuals in the community
  • ASDAN modules that inspires life-skills and self-reflective learning
  • prepares students for further education whether academic or vocational and for the world of work; ensures students are fully prepared for life in modern Britain and the modern world.

For additional information please contact Mrs F Cooper