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BuildUp Curriculum

The aim of Build Up in Year 10/11is to support pupils build up their confidence and knowledge of subjects they are currently studying to help them achieve their full potential.  The programme will support pupils advance their independent learning and adapt them with skills, knowledge, responsibility, self-reliance to aid their curriculum academic studies to help them succeed in the future.

Students can also complete various online employability courses –

  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Developing Leadership
  • Foundations of Confidence
  • Guide to Assertiveness
  • Foundations of Communication
  • Developing Communication Skills.
  • Introduction to Personal Branding
  • Developing your Personal Brand
  • Foundations of Resilience
  • Developing Resilience
  • Starting the Job Hunt.
  • Applying for jobs & apprenticeships Interviews & Assessment

Students who have BuildUp on their timetables will have 2 hours per week allocated.

For additional information please contact Mrs Bailey