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Curriculum Intent

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aims to inspire guide and support young people in their self-development and recognise their individual achievements. This is facilitated through enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programmes of personal development which are of the highest quality and the widest reach.  This is currently done with our Year 10 students.

Week 1 Introduction. Begin to pick out Skill, Volunteer and Physical activities
Week 2 Fill out paperwork to confirm activity choices
Week 3 Commence activity 1 Skill, Volunteer or Physical.
Week 4 Continue activity. Update logs. Gather evidence. Upload evidence to edofe account.

The process for Week 4 continues until either the three month or six month period has elapsed and the evidence is robust enough that it can be signed off.

At that point the activity will change to a different activity that will go on for either a three or six month period depending upon the participant’s preferences.

Before the expedition pupils must undergo six sessions of camp craft as follows:

Week 1 Route planning
Week 2 Map reading
Week 3 Camping stove cooking
Week 4 Tent erection
Week 5 Rucksack packing
Week 6 Practise walk

The expedition consists of two days and one night. The participants must be doing their activity for 6 hours on each day. That time period does not include time spent at camp or preparing camp.

For additional information please contact Mr Grundy