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Black Eyes and Cottage Pies

The Mad Theatre Company present ‘Black Eyes and Cottage Pies.’

On Thursday 19th January 2016, Philips High School welcomed the ‘Mad Theatre Company’ in to school to work with our year 9, 10 and 11 students. The Production, ‘Black Eyes and Cottage Pies’ raised awareness about domestic abuse within intimate teenage relationships. It was a multi-media story about a teenage girl called Jodie, who was in an abusive relationship and how over time this escalating abuse impacted on her life. The play also highlighted issues of sexuality, adult domestic abuse, consent, sexting and the power of positive peer relationships.

The ‘Mad Theatre Company’ are working in partnership with Essential Safeguarding on a multi-layer approach which is aimed at delivering to schools and youth centres throughout the North West. Our students really enjoyed the production, but also understood the seriousness of the messages within the production.