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Philips High School

Target Setting – 2020-21

 At Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), assessment has changed from Philips Levels to a more simplistic reporting system where we inform the pupils/parents whether or not their child is making sufficient progress based on their own ability. This is done by marking Key Assessed Tasks (KATS) out of a percentage* and classifying the progress they have made against their Key Stage 2 attainment. Simply put, it they come to Philips with high key stage 2 scores, they would be expected to know more and be able to do more.

We have therefore created four separate classifications. If they are below our expected standard, they are ‘Working Towards’ the expected standard, if they are at the expected standard, this will be classified as ‘Working At’, if they are achieving above our expected standard it will be ‘Working Above’ or ‘Exceptional’ for those children who are working well above the expected standard.

In the table below, the KS2 Scaled Score ranges can be viewed in the left hand column and the benchmarks can be viewed in the other columns.

KS2 Scaled Score Working Towards Working At Working Above Exceptional
110> 0-54% 55%-69% 70%-79% 80%-100%
99-109 0-44% 45%-59% 60%-69% 70%-100%
90-98 0-34% 35%-49% 50%-59% 60%-100%
80-89 0-24% 25%-39% 40%-49% 50%-100%

*In some subjects (e.g. Art), instead of assessing a pupil’s work using a %, work is assessed against assessment criteria which measures whether or not a child knows more or can do more.

At Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11), the pupils receive an end of Year 11 target in all subjects. There are two targets. A threshold target and a Pupil Target. The threshold target (shared with teachers) is the minimum expected target. The pupil target (shared with Pupils and Parents/Carers) is an aspirational target, calculated at one grade above the threshold target. The threshold target is calculated based on the KS2 Scaled Scores or NC Levels (Yr 11 only). The Maths Threshold target is calculated using the Maths KS2 score, the English Literature and Language Threshold target is calculated using the reading KS2 score and the other subjects are calculated using an average of both the Maths and reading KS2 scores. The threshold target which is the minimum expected target is calculated to ensure that each pupil achieves as a minimum of a 0 Progress 8 score. This is at least in line with the National average for all pupils judged against their individual ability.