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Curriculum Intent:

Character lessons form part of our personal development curriculum. Character lessons have been developed to support our pupils to go ‘the extra mile’ by developing their skills, and making them aware of the risks and consequences of the choices they make in their lives to remain physically and mentally healthy. All pupils in Y7-Y10 and some in Y11 receive weekly Character lessons which focus on leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication skills (LORIC), community cohesion (kindness, respect and living without harm), oracy, wellbeing, e-safety and careers. The Cadet pupils are working towards accreditation for this work through the piXL Edge programme. All pupils complete an ongoing personal development profile which will map their progress and support them with target setting for the future. Through Character education we aim to give them the skills and attributes to be successful in life whichever path they may take. At Philips High School we believe character education can greatly support students with their academic subjects as well. Through the teaching of core values such as respect, resilience and initiative, pupils will learn how to focus on their studies, and more importantly they will have the drive that will make them want to do well in their academic subjects also.

KS3 YEAR 7 Starting as we mean to go on, Expressing myself effectively, Making good decisions
YEAR 8 Celebrating our differences, Thinking with a clear head, Committing to growth
YEAR 9 Finding my voice, Adapting my voice, Growing in confidence.
KS4 YEAR 10 Owning my journey, Owning my actions, Owning my decisions.
YEAR 11 Breaking down the journey, Charting the course, finishing with Pride

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