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The Role of the Link Governor

The Role of the Link Governor.


“Governing Bodies need to know their school if accountability is going to be robust and their vision for the school is to be achieved. Many Governors find that visiting their school, particularly during the day, is a helpful way to familiarise themselves with the school, its’ Staff and Pupils. Through pre-arranged visits that have a clear focus, Governors can see for themselves whether the school is implementing agreed Policies, Improvement Plans etc and how they are working in practice. Visits also provide an opportunity to talk with Pupils, Staff and Parents (dependant on the suitability of the occasion) when the views of these stakeholders (along with other means, e.g. Pupil Voice) will assist Governors to enhance their knowledge of the School Community.

Governors are not Inspectors so it is not their role to assess either the quality/method of teaching or extent of learning. Additionally, Governors are not School Managers and should make sure they do not interfere in the day-to-day running of the School. Both of these roles are proper to the Headteacher and the Management Team. If Governors wish to spend time within a classroom, they need to be very clear why they are doing so and only at the invitation of the Staff member that they have gone to see.” (Adapted from the Governance Handbook 2019, Section: 3.4.2 School Visits, page 25 paras 34&35)

The actual Link Governor Role:

The Link Governor’s prime function is to effectively liaise between the School and the Governing Body, as a “critical friend”, on matters related to their particular designated field of responsibility.

This will be achieved in the following ways:

(a) By getting to know the professionals in the Link Governor’s designated area and obtaining a sound understanding of that area, including issues that Staff are encountering together with their proposed solutions (e.g. identification of the issues, planned solutions and the results once the planned solution(s) are implemented).

(b) Attending the relevant Governor Training Courses in order to appreciate and understand Statutory requirements, especially in regards to the impact that are likely to have on the School.

(c) Regular meetings with the designated Staff member for the Link Governor’s area, e.g. Head of Department, Assistant Headteacher (SLT Departmental Link) etc. Meetings with the designated Staff member should be at least once a Term with the option to have additional meetings should both parties feel that they would be beneficial.

(d) When arranging a Meeting advise the designated Staff member of any specific points that the Link Governor wishes to raise at the Meeting, so that the designated Staff member has time to gather the information that will be required for the discussion.

(e) Provide regular feedback to the Governing Body and the Headteacher, via either written or verbal Reports.

(f) By remembering that the relationship between Governors and Staff is a partnership with the sole aim of providing the best education possible, for all of the children in our care, in a safe environment with an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

Link Governor Reports.

The Link Governor’s Report to either the relevant Governing Body Sub-Committee or the Full Governing Body, following on from their visit to the School, should have been previously approved (as a correct record) by the designated Staff member (who should also had had the

opportunity to register any comments on a Draft copy of the Report). A copy of the Final Report should also be sent to the Headteacher for information. It is suggested that the Link Governor keep a copy of the Report for their records. All Reports should be circulated to the Governing Body, in advance of its’ next Termly Meeting(s), following which the Report should be placed in the Governors’ Section of the School’s website.

Departmental Link Governors – February 2021

Subject Governor Contact Member of Staff
English Lindsay Gibbons Paul Kellett
Mathematics Lindsay Gibbons Jill Rothwell
Science Derek Russell Ian Howarth
ICT/Computing Kim Turton Matt Coldwell
History Helene Watson Tim Fleming
Geography Helene Watson Hanna Duckworth
R.S. Kim Turton Bethany Rothwell
P.E. Helene Watson Pietro Carinci
Music Kathryn Dawson Judith Dalziel
Art Kathryn Dawson Vicky Craig
Drama Kathryn Dawson Rachael Dunn
Technology Russell Bernstein Matt Grundy
Food Technology Russell Bernstein Claire Chapple
MFL John Mallon Emma Wightman
Life Skills/Character Mani Shah Emma Tachauer
SEND Mani Shah Fran Cooper
CCF/Contingent Commander Russell Bernstein Rachel McCarthy
Safeguarding Dave Evans Ivan Brown
Education of LAC Dave Evans Judith Dalziel
Finance Dave Evans Ruth Taylor
Health & Safety Helene Watson Ruth Taylor
Website All Governors Scott Fitton