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Governor Sub-Committees

PHS GB Sub – Committees’ Membership.


Personnel Committee                                              Curriculum

Mr D Russell                                                                           Mr M Shah (Chair)

Mr M Shah                                                                              Mr J Mallon

Mr D Evans                                                                            Mr D Evans

Mr R. Bernstein (Chair)                                                       Mr R Bernstein

Ms T Owen                                                                             Ms T Owen

Mr J. Mallon                                                                            Ms K. Dawson

Mrs  L. Gibbons.                                                                     Mrs. K. Turton

Mr Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman.

Mrs  H. Watson.

Finance and General Purpose

Mr D Evans:                Vice CoG, Chair of F&GP, Safeguarding and Finance Link Governor

Mrs R Taylor:              School Business Manager

Ms T. Owen:                Headteacher

Mr M Shah:                 Chair of the Curriculum Sub-Committee and SEND Link Governor

Mr J. Mallon:               Chair of Governors

Mrs H. Watson:           Health & Safety Link Governor

Mr R. Bernstein:          Chair of the Personnel Sub-Committee

Mrs. L. Gibbons.         Finance.

Staff Hearings, Dismissal Appeals and Pupil Discipline Committees

The Governors determined these Committees would be made up from a panel of any available, Non – School/LA Employee Governors.

Complaints Appeals Committee

The Governors determined that this Committee would be made up from a panel of any available, Non – School/LA Employee Governors. Membership is dependent on no prior knowledge of the Case being heard.

The Governing Body Chair is excluded from selection to this Committee due to having prior knowledge of the Case being heard – see the School’s Complaints Procedure.