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What The Pupils Say

Comments from Year 7


Sports Relief - 7L 2016

On my first day I was petrified I was going to embarrass myself but I didn’t!  In fact I had one of the best days of my life. I have some really great friend and haven’t stopped laughing since break! I also love the chicken tikka sandwiches and I like the chocolate brownies.  My teachers are really kind!  (Lola)

In my first week of being here I felt amazing and the Year 11 pupils made me feel welcome so I felt part of the Philips Team.

The truth is all of the bullying, getting lost and not making friends were all myths none if it was true.

I have the best form tutor ever, Mr Garstand and the best form mates I could have asked for. I am so happy that I chose to come to Philips because it’s the BEST!

I take pride in wearing this very badge on my blazer everyday so I am proud to be a part of Philips High School.

The lessons are more exciting and the teachers are more helpful.

My first week has been amazing.  I like Philips High School so much I picked a very kind caring school.

At the canteen it was really welcoming as all the dinner ladies were really friendly.

I’ve made new friends and started learning German for the first time. My friends are really nice.  We didn’t do any Geography or Art but now we do.

I think PHS is awesome. I have new friends. The lessons are lots of fun.

I was a tiny bit nervous on my first day but I have now settled in.  One of the things that has changed me in Philips is that I am more independent because I am not in the same room for my lessons.

The things I like about Philips are the teachers are really nice and I like the food and prefects.

I like the food and there are lots of nice people to help me if I am lost.  I’ve made lots of friends at Philips and the teachers are really kind and help me if I am stuck.  My favourite things are pizza and Art.

On my first day ay Philips I was feeling very nervous about making new friends because I had moved from London.  However, now that I am settle I feel very much at home with all the new things to explore at secondary school.  My favourite things are my new friends, my new teachers and my new lessons.

Now that I am a t Philips I feel more organised.

I used to feel left out at Primary School but now I’ve got more friends.

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