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What The Pupils Say

“School helps with the confidence, pride and mental health even if you are in the lowest point in your life”.

Year 10 Pupil

“I like the overall positive atmosphere at Philips. All the lessons are engaging and helpful. All teachers are friendly, welcoming and easy to talk to”.

Year 10 Pupil

“Sport at Philips High School is the best in Bury. For years we have produced the best Basketball Teams in Bury as well as Ruby and Athletics. However, this success only comes through commitment and hard work. All students will benefit through the sports at this school”.

“Teachers go that extra mile”

“Your Head of Year always make you feel comfortable to go and speak to them about any worries or anything. You also have a Form Tutor where you go every morning and afternoon for registration your Form Tutor makes you feel like you can speak to them at any time”

“I love Philips because we have nice staff and nice people to be your friends”