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Care and Guidance – Introduction

Care and Guidance at Philips High School is central to the development of our students. We believe that by providing a framework of support in a caring, yet disciplined environment, our students will be able to achieve their full potential. Following their inspection in February 2013, Ofsted described the care and support we offer our pupils as ‘outstanding’.

We have a dedicated team of Form Tutors who are able to support your child with any pastoral needs they may have. It is the Form Tutor who will have regular contact with your child through morning and afternoon registration. The Form Tutor should be the first port of call for any concerns or queries regarding your child. Staff at Philips High School value the partnership with parents and carers and believe that involvement in children’s education from home really matters; this is why we are proud to have achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award.  We ask that communication with home is kept consistent through the weekly signing of your child’s planner but welcome further contact from parents and carers regarding any aspect of your child’s education.

The pastoral need of each child is also further supported by the Heads of Year team. They are able to provide further guidance and co-ordinate packages of intervention with external agencies when a child may have additional needs. They also monitor the attendance, attainment and behaviour of their year groups.

FORM TUTORS 2018 – 2019


 FORM  FORM TUTOR  ROOM  Attached to Year Group
 Heads of Year S Booth + D Stacey          SLT Link   J Bailey
11C A Wilson 22 A Thompson
11I M Grundy 13b I Howarth
11K F Orford + A Thompson 21  
11L T Flemming 31  
11P C Clayton 33  
11R K Carinci + I Howarth   5  
11S E Fletcher 25  
 Heads of Year   C Duxbury + S Williams  + P Patel      SLT Link   J Dalziel
10C J Barlow (Assistant HoY) 34 E Jones
10I L Davies 18a  
10K V Heywood + E Jones 4  
10L R Dunn 10  
10P S Lancelott 24  
10R P Carinci 27  
10S P Sheppard 13a  
 Heads of Year   K Parkinson + M Evans        SLT Link   J Potts
9C E Wightman + D Makin 18 R Williams 
9I M Ahmed 36 D Makin
9K J Garstang Old Library  
9L J Crossley 2  
9P J Anderson 26  
9R D Carden 1  
9S N Ralph 43  
 Heads of Year   A Dolan + C Chapple        SLT Link   E Tachauer
8C I Bruce (Assistant HoY 11) 3 C Hillary
8I E Duthie 30  
8K B Rothwell 40  
8L V Craig 14  
8P D Lindsay (Assistant HoY) 15  
8R M Hardman 32  
8S M Coldwell 7  
 Heads of Year   A Morris + C Suttie        SLT Link   C Hibbert
7C J Armstrong 19 P Kellett 
7I R Hazzelby-Owens 6  
7K T Khalil 8  
7L J Rothwell + P Kellett 42  
7P D Park 28  
7R R McCarthy 38  
7S J Donegan 20  

Support from external agencies

The Care and Guidance team work very closely with a number of external agencies; links to their websites can be found here:

Bury School Attendance Team                   http://www.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=2298

Bury College                                                   http://www.burycollege.ac.uk/


The Prince’s Trust (Fairbridge)


Parent Partnership




The SHARP System


Early Break


We also recommend the following websites to parents and carers for further advice and support on a range of issues:












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