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Information for Candidates

Information for Candidates

Summer 2021 Results, Appeals and Certificates

Teacher Assessed Grades

Philips High School has determined grades in accordance with the JCQ guidance[1] and has submitted these grades to the relevant awarding organisation by the required deadline.

To support your understanding, please refer to Ofqual’s Student guide to awarding: summer 2021[2] which tells you how you will get your qualifications in summer 2021 and where you can get more information https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/student-guide-to-awarding-summer-2021


On candidate statements of results (results slips) and certificates, grades will be reported in the same way as in previous years.

Results will be issued on results day in August as follows:

Date Qualification type
12/08/2021 GCSE and other Level 1/2 qualifications

Arrangements for results day

Results will be available for collection, by appointment, from the School Sports Hall between 10:00am and 12:00pm. Pupils will enter the Sports Hall Reception, via Park Lane Steps or the Sports Hall Driveway. If you do not receive an appointment time please contact school by email resultsappeal@philipshigh.co.uk for details.

On results day, you will receive a Results pack. The Results packs will include;

  • A statement of results
  • Details about the appeals process for Summer 2021
  • Details about the November (Autumn) Series
  • Grading Explanation (GCSE – BTEC – NCFE)

If you need further advice or guidance after receiving your results members of Senior Leadership Team and staff from Holy Cross and Bury College will be in attendance.


Certificates, when received from the awarding organisations, will be issued to candidates. Details on how certificates will be distributed will follow in due course. Please ensure we have up to date postal and email address information. Please advise by email of any changes to lwaring@philipshigh.co.uk

The arrangements for appeals

Section 5.4 of JCQ Appeals Guidance Summer 2021 (A guide to appeals processes – Summer 2021) states:

To decide whether to request a review, students will need access to certain information before results day, or on results day, if it has not already been made available to them. This must include:

a.    the centre policy – available on the school website

b.    the sources of evidence used to determine the student’s grade, along with the marks/grades associated with them

c.    details of any variations in evidence used based on disruption to what that student was taught

d.    details of any special circumstances that have been considered in determining their grade, e.g. access arrangements/reasonable adjustments or mitigating circumstances such as illness

There are two stages to the appeals process:

  • Stage 1 – centre review
  • Stage 2 – appeal to the awarding organisation

Philips High School will support its students/candidates through the centre review and awarding organisation appeals process.

The information below describes the arrangements in place at Philips High School for conducting a centre review and (where applicable) submitting an appeal to the awarding organisation following a centre review.

Stage 1 – Centre review – Deadline Friday 3rd September 2021

  • If a student/candidate does not consider they have been issued with the correct grade, they can submit a request to check if an administrative or procedural error has occurred, by completing the Stage one – Centre review form (available in the results pack). The student/candidate should read the important instructions, fully complete section A. of the Stage one – centre review form including electronic signature and date. The form should be saved and returned as an email attachment to Mrs L Waring, Exams Officer, by email resultsappeal@philipshigh.co.uk
  • The outcome of the centre review may result in the student’s/candidate’s grade remaining the same, being lowered or
  • On completion of the Stage one review Philips High School will complete section (The Centre review outcome) on the Centre Review form and share with the student/candidate as a record of the outcome, within 7 working days or by 8th September at the latest in order that the student/candidate has sufficient time to complete a Stage 2 Appeal to the Awarding Organisation if they require.
  • If an administrative or procedural error is found, Philips High School will submit a request to the awarding organisation to correct the error and amend the grade without the need to submit an appeal to the awarding organisation.

Stage 2 – Appeal to the awarding organisation – Deadline Friday 10th September 2021

  • An appeal to the awarding organisation will only be submitted if the first stage, centre review, has been completed and the outcome of the first stage has been issued to the student/candidate.
  • The awarding organisation will not be able to consider an appeal that is based solely on differences of opinion – if the student/candidate wants to improve their grade they may want to consider entering for the autumn exam series. Details of timetable and booking forms will be included in the results pack.
  • If the student/candidate believes there is still an error following the centre review, or if the awarding organisation has made an administrative error, or the student/candidate considers that the grade awarded was an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement, the student/candidate can submit a Stage two – appeal to awarding organisation by completing the Stage two appeal form. This must include an electronic signature and date. The form should be emailed to resultsappeal@philipshigh.co.uk as an attachment and will be forwarded to the awarding organisation upon receipt of the request.
  • The awarding organisation will determine the grade at appeal and the outcome will be final.
  • The outcome of the appeal may result in the grade remaining the same, being lowered or
  • There is no further opportunity to appeal the outcome to the awarding organisation.
  • The awarding organisation’s appeal outcome letter will be provided by email to the student/candidate by Philips High School, as soon as reasonably practical after the outcome letter from the awarding organisation is received in the centre.
  • Should the student/candidate still remain concerned their grade was incorrect, they may be able to apply for a procedural review.
  • The appeal outcome letter will include the next appropriate steps, where applicable, to apply for a procedural review to the Exam Procedures Review Service (EPRS)

Note – Once a finding has been made you cannot withdraw your request for a centre review or appeal. If your grade has been lowered, you will not be able to revert back to the original grade you received on results day. For more information please refer to the Department for Education’s blog https://dfemedia.blog.gov.uk/2021/06/09/exam-appeals-what-can-i-do-if-i-think-my-grade-is-wrong-how-do-i-appeal-what-will-happen-if-i-appeal-your-questions-answered/

Deadlines to submit a request

Non-priority appeal

3 September 2021 – deadline for a student/candidate to request a Stage 1 – centre review

10 September 2021– deadline for a student/candidate to request a Stage 2 – appeal to awarding organisation

[1] https://www.jcq.org.uk/summer-2021-arrangements/

[2] https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/student-guide-to-awarding-summer-2021