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Curriculum Intent:

The purpose of the Thrive pathways is to enable pupils to develop their skills and knowledge so that they are able to access the wider curriculum, develop their independence and the skills that they will need as they move though and beyond school. There is a focus on small group teaching, allowing more teacher support and time so that pupils are able to  develop and make progress in line with their ability.

Pupils identified for the Thrive pathway at KS3 benefit from working in smaller classes for subjects including: English and Humanities, allowing more time to work with the teacher and opportunities to develop their literacy skills as part of lessons. The focus of this is to enable students to make progress and for them to be able to join mainstream classes after a period of assessment.

At KS4, pupils identified for the Thrive pathway have access to a curriculum that includes small group teaching for core subjects: English, Maths and Science allowing for more teacher time and support in lessons. Pupils identified for this pathway will study fewer subjects in school and with therefore have the opportunity to work towards more vocational or practical subjects linked to their strengths and needs. We have introduced the ASDAN Personal Development Programs (Bronze, Silver and Gold awards), this incorporates a range of skills based and project work, with a focus on developing life skills such as : independent living, managing money, home management and communication skills. Students also have the opportunity to work together as a group on projects that may include: gardening and outdoor activities, cooking, community and volunteering.  Work experience is also incorporated into this pathway at KS4.

For additional information please contact Mrs F Cooper