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15 October

Re-introducing of masks in Schools
15 October

15th October 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Re:  Covid 19 – Re-introduction of Masks in School

Acting on the advice of Bury Council’s Public Health Team we will be re-introducing the wearing of face coverings in school.  This will be from Monday, 18th October 2021.  We will therefore be asking students to wear face coverings when moving around the building but they will not be expected to wear them whilst sat at desks, eating or during social time outside.  A copy of the letter from the Acting Executive Director of Children and Young People with all the information on is available on the school website with the full advisory information.

Further information is also available at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-COVID-19/

It is also advised that all students and staff members who live with someone who has COVID-19 to do daily lateral flow tests (LFD test) before coming into school (unless exempt-see below). Students should start this testing from the day their household member either became unwell with COVID-19 or tested positive if they did not have symptoms and continue this for 10 days.

Please remember:-

  • if your child tests negative, they can continue attending school.
  • if your child has a positive LFD result, they must start isolating, have a PCR test and inform school. If the PCR Test is negative they can return to school.
  • if they develop COVID-19 symptoms, they should not come in to school and they should book a PCR test as soon as possible. It is important that people with COVID-19 symptoms do not rely on a negative LFD test and they should have a PCR test. If the PCR test is negative and they become symptom free they can return to school.

Routine LFD asymptomatic testing

It is strongly encouraged that parents support their children to test at home twice a week and to register their results, even when negative. This important testing helps to pick up the infection early, preventing further spread, keeping families, friends and schools protected from COVID-19.

Positive Cases in School

If your child is a contact of a case in school, please book them in to take a PCR test as soon as possible (unless they have had a positive PCR test in the last 90 days). Children aged 4 and under who are identified as a contact will not be advised to take a PCR test unless the positive case was someone in their own household.

It is disappointing that we are now having to reintroduce these measures but as I am sure you will all agree it is most important that we do everything to keep people safe and reduce the number of Covid-19 infections spreading.  Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mr C Hibbert

Re-intro of Masks – LA