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14 July 2021

Wellbeing – End of year report
14 July 2021

Wellbeing – 2020/2021

What a year it has been! We are almost at the end of a very crazy time and hopefully one that we will never have to experience again.

It goes without saying that the pandemic has had a huge impact on our wellbeing both physically and mentally. Not having our routines, not having our purpose, not seeing our friends and living our normal everyday life has been a real struggle for the majority.

We have worked extremely hard at Philips High School to ensure the wellbeing of our pupils is as well as it can possibly be. We have identified common mental health issues and took appropriate action were necessary whether this be small group work, character lessons or extended form times so that every pupil has the knowledge and understanding around their own wellbeing and how they should find help if they need it. We are constantly reviewing the wellbeing of all our pupils and listen to their opinions by asking them to complete regular questionnaires, this gives us a clear picture of how they are feeling and allows us to put in appropriate actions where needed. Our aim at Philips High School is to create a non-threatening environment that will give both staff and pupils the confidence to open up and seek that help if they need it.

We have introduced some amazing programmes this year such as The Philips Positive Podcast that features staff members opening up about their experience with mental health and how they have overcome this difficult part of their life. In character lessons we cover mental health issues such as anxiety, depression alongside Bipolar Disorder, the feedback has been great and hopefully inspired others to speak out about their own health.

Twice this school year we have presented mental health presentations to the pupils which have been delivered by the form tutors. Doing these sessions, the pupils have learnt the signs of mental health, how to support others who have mental health and how to get help for themselves. We actively encourage our pupils to seek support from Place2be, our school project manager is now spending an extra day in school. She has been supporting pupils individually as well as doing work with smaller groups. Counselling from the service was able to carry on through lockdown. The service Kooth has been promoted to pupils and staff who have both had relevant training. Kooth is an anonymous mental health service for teenagers that can seek help and speak to someone 24/7 online. Enterprising youth have also delivered in school for year 11 pupils who have had exam stress. We also have been lucky enough to have secured the services of a mental health practitioner from Early Break who comes in to school once a week to support our pupils.

The future is looking promising for Philips High School, we have The Manchester united Foundation starting as of September 2021 this will be working with our pupils to support their emotional wellbeing. Gail from Place2be will continue to work extremely hard and work with smaller groups throughout the year putting appropriate actions in place. The PE department work closely with The Youth Sports Trust and are always looking for new programmes to develop the pupils physical wellbeing.

We have an amazing team at Philips High School that truly cares about the wellbeing of our pupils, we aim to have wellbeing at the heart of everything we do in order to create a positive and joyful community.

Thanks for all your help and cooperation over this last year, we wish you a lovely relaxed summer holiday.

Take care from the Philips Pastoral Team.