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1st April 2021

All parents & carers – Easter 2021
1st April 2021

1st April 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

As we approach the Easter Holidays I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter.  This term has been both rewarding and exhausting and I am happy to say that we have made it through to the end of term and we can all now take a well deserved rest.  There will however, be an Easter School running for 3 days of each week during the holidays.  If your child has been invited to attend they will receive an invitation today.

School are aware and fully understand that some pupils have shown signs of anxiety as a result of the lockdown. Each form group has received a presentation from their form teachers regarding mental health issues, how to support themselves and others and how to get support. We are grateful to have on-going support from the Place2Be service, where pupils can be referred in school for additional support and we are pleased to announce that they will be in school for an extra day per week after Easter. In addition to this, we now have the support of an Early Break worker in school, who also provides intervention with pupils. After Easter we will be offering anxiety groups to support our year 8 pupils, following on from the success of this intervention with year 7 pupils.

Extra-curricular clubs and sports are expected to return after the Easter break and hopefully we will be able to start looking at trips later on in the year.

After a very successful operation the testing centre has now been closed to pupils and staff and all participating staff and parents have been issued with home testing kits.  Please continue to follow the social-distancing rules and Covid guidelines.

The on-line Parents’ Evenings have gone extremely well and I would like to thank parents for their useful feedback on this.  This is one of the initiatives we will continue with in the “new normal”.  More details will follow on this before next year, including other Covid measures we are deciding to keep.

The Year 11 Grading process is well under way and arrangements are being made with the final assessments to take place from the 10th to 24th May.   There is a separate letter for Year 11 pupils detailing this.

Arrangements are also being made for Years 7 to 10 end of year exams which are due to take place between the 10th May and the 14th June.

Uniform after Easter should be worn in FULL including school shoes – no more trainers.  PE kit can continue to be worn on the days your child has a PE lesson.

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Once again, thank you very much for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely
Ms T Owen