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Parents Protocol

COVID-19 – updated JAN 2021 

Red Text is important information

Please note if you have a child in school as a keyworker/vulnerable and they do not follow the protocol resulting in them putting themselves and or others in danger of Covid regulations, your child could be sent home and lose their place in school during Lockdown.  

Concern Point Instruction
Attendance ·   Mandatory that all pupils attend school from beginning of September (Autumn term) and the usual school rules on attendance will apply, including

·   Parents’ duty to secure that their child attends regularly at school and school will record this attendance.

·   Parents’/carers’ must understand that they will need to be ready and willing to book a test if they are displaying symptoms and if test is positive must self isolate following government guidance.  Parent’s/carers’ should provide details of anyone they have been in close contact with if they were to test positive for Covid19

Face Coverings ·    See separate guidance ‘PHS Face Coverings in School Jan 2021 updated 11.1.21’.

·   Face coverings must be worn at all times by pupils & staff with within the building (unless eating/drinking) and can be removed outside only if they are social distancing unless exempt.

Shielding or Self Isolating ·   Where pupils are unable to attend school because they are complying with clinical and/or public health advice school will offer you access to remote education (online work and/or paper packs).

·  Shielding advice for all children will pause on 1 August 2020, subject to a continued decline in the rates of community transmission of Covid19. This means that even the small number of pupils who will remain on the shielded patient list can also return to school as can those who have family members who are shielding.   See Government Guidance link below.

Absence procedure ·         Please follow normal procedures for reporting an absence for your child, including notifying school before 8.30am.
Timings of Day during Lockdown KS3 & KS4 – Form Time – 8:40am – Microsoft TEAMS

DAY Activity
Monday Year group Assembly – form tutor first for register 8:35-8:45. Then log in to HOY assembly 8:50-9:00
Tuesday Personal Development
Wednesday Quiz / Q&A directed by Form Teacher
Thursday Personal Development
Friday Form Tutor Discussion

KS3 – Lesson times (9am, 10.30am, 12pm, 2pm) – 1 Hour

DAY 9am 10.30am 12pm 2pm
Monday Science English Maths Music
Tuesday Geography History Art Drama
Wednesday French Technology Maths Religious Studies
Thursday French Computing Character Science
Friday History English Geography PE

KS4 – Lesson times (9am, 11am, 1pm) – 1.5 hours

DAY 9am 11am 1pm
Monday Maths English Science
Tuesday French/Character Humanities/Build Up Option A
Wednesday Maths Option B French/Character
Thursday Science Option A Option B
Friday English PE Humanities/Build Up
Timings of Day  

·     Pupils will arrive on school grounds at 08:30am and will go directly to their year group designated outdoor zone area.

·    Pupils must line up in form in alphabetical order.

·    Form tutors come and meet their form at 08:35 am and escort them to form classroom via year group entrance.


08:20 – 08:35 ·  Pupils within their outdoor zoned area. Line up in forms alphabetically.

·  08:35 am first bell KS4 go in first (escorted by form tutor)

·  08:37 am second bell KS3 go in second

HOYs will have trays of buttered bagels to their year group outdoor zone area.

Form Tutors go out to escort class in.

Break ·  10:52 am – 2 bells – KS3 teachers escort pupils to outdoor zone area. Supervise until 11:00 when duty team arrive.

·  11:00 am – 1 bell – KS4 teachers escort pupils to outdoor zone area

Duty team (if not teaching) be out on duty for 10:52am.

P2 teachers supervise until 11:00 when all duty team arrive.

End of Break ·  11:10 – all year groups line up in forms alphabetically.

·  11:15 – KS4 escorted in to zone entrance by P3 teacher.

·  11:17 – KS3 escorted in to zone entrance by P3 teacher

P3 Teachers collect class from year group outside zone area
Lunch ·  1:07 pm – 2 bells – KS3 teachers escort pupils to outdoor zone area.

·  1:15pm – 1 bell – KS4 teachers escort pupils to outdoor zone area.

·  Pupils will have packed lunches.  FSM offered a packed lunch.

HOYs/SLT to collect pupils in detention before end of P4 bell and take to late detention room.

Duty team (if not teaching) be out on duty for 1:07pm.

P4 teachers supervise until 1:15pm when all duty team arrive.

End of Lunch ·  1:45 pm – line up in forms.

·  1:50 pm – KS4 escorted in first by P5 teacher.

·  1:50pm – KS3 escorted in after KS4 by P5 teacher

P5 teachers go out to collect class at 1:45pm and escort to P5 lesson.

P5 teacher takes register and read out names of those pupils in detention (and y11 intervention).

End of Day ·  2:50 pm – 2 bells – KS3 teachers escort pupils out of building and walk them to exit (Park Lane/driveway etc).

·  3:00 pm – 1 bell – KS4 teachers as above.

Y7 – 2:50pm escort out to Park Lane steps via main entrance

Y8 – 2:50pm escort out to Higher Lane driveway via fire exit next to G15

Y9 – 2:50pm escort out  to Park Lane steps via pupil entrance.

Y10 – 3pm escort out to Park Lane steps via CDT exit.

Y11 – 3pm escort out to Higher Lane driveway via exit at G6.

HOYs/SLT  collect pupils in detention before end of P5 bell and take to detention room.

Y11 teachers ensure intervention list has been read, giving room number.






Pupils Arriving to School ·  We ask that all Keyworker / Vulnerable pupils with prebooked places arrive to school between 8:30- 08:35.   If pupils are late the normal late procedure detentions will apply.

·         Pupils must go direct to their year group outdoor zone area and line up in form.  During Lockdown pupils enter via their allocated entrance where they will be met by staff and escorted to their room/seat.

·  Form tutors will come and collect forms at 08:35 and escort to form room via allocated year group entrance.

·  Pupils must not enter the building without staff escorting them in.  Pupils must wear face covering when entering the building.

Late Procedure ·  If your child arrives late for their session they need to report to the school office (ensuring they are wearing a face mask), sign in and they will be escorted to their lesson.
Uniform ·  Your child should wear their full school uniform including the correct footwear (no trainers).  Pupils in incorrect uniform will be sent home.

·  When your child has PE, they attend school in their full PE kit with blazer and can wear trainers only on these days.

·  Please make sure that your child’s uniform is washed on a regular basis to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

·  During Lockdown pupils can wear either school uniform or pe kit.

Equipment ·  Your child will be expected to bring their own equipment each day. This should include: Black Pen, Red Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Highlighter, calculator and any books for that day. Tissues, Hand sanitiser and a water bottle are also advised.

·  LOCKERS – unfortunately pupils will not be able to use lockers.   Pupils must keep their bags with them at all times and not to be left in any rooms/corridors.

PPE ·  PPE equipment will be available in 5 allocated First Aid Rooms should the need arise
Classroom Behaviour ·  Your child will be expected to follow the Behaviour and Discipline Policy while they are in school. Failure to follow this policy will result in your child being sent home.   A parent or contact MUST be available throughout the day.

·  Detentions will follow the normal school policy.  Each year group with have an allocated lunch and after school detention room which will be within their year group zone area.

·  Parents/carers will be able to access online SIMS and see if they their child has a detention or not that day.

·  During Lockdown there will be no detentions for pupils in school.

Contact If your child is struggling with work or has any other issues or concerns, please inform a member of staff as soon as possible either by telephone or e-mail.
Social Distancing ·  Year groups will have allocated zone areas both within the building and outside.

·  Staff on duty will ensure students are keeping within their own year group zone areas.

·  All parents/carers/visitors to the school will be expected to adhere to the Social Distancing Rules referred to above.

Lunches ·  Canteen will be closed to pupils.

·  Water bottle machines will need to be switched off. Pupils to bring in bottle of water which can be refilled in school.

·  Parents of pupils not in receipt of free school meals will be asked to provide a packed lunch including snacks for break and bottle of water.

·  School will provide a packed lunch bag to those pupils in receipt of free school

·  We advise that your child brings a bottle of water to school each day.

·  Parents on free school meals have been sent a google form to put their child’s sandwich orders on to ensure they get their first choice of sandwich.

·  Packed lunches will be eaten outside within year group zone areas unless heavy rain then within inside break lunch zone areas.

·  Pupils are requested not share their food with others in case of allergies.

·  Buttered bagels will be provided to pupils within their outdoor year group zone between 08:20  – 08:30am.

·  Lunch protocol will be reviewed every 2 weeks and parents will be updated with any changes.

First Aid ·  There will be 5 first aid rooms within school one for each year group within their year group zone area.

·  No one should enter first aid rooms unless you are ill or a first aider.

·  Each room will have PPE (thermometer etc.)

Cleaning ·  Cleaning will take place at start and end of day.

·  All desks, computers, keypads, remote controls, doors, door handles, stair handrails will be sanitised.

·  There will be continuous cleaning throughout the day for areas being used in school.

Lessons/Classroom Rules ·  Year groups will be allocated zone areas within school and all lessons will take place within year group zone areas.

·  Teachers will move from lesson to lesson to limit movement of pupils around school.

·  Classroom doors will be wedged open and windows open if possible for air flow. Only staff to open/close windows.

·  Seating plans will be in place.

·  Pupils to stay seated at their allocated desks, seated side by side.

·  Pupils will be encouraged to follow the rules on hand sanitising, not touching their faces, ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’

·  Any rubbish to go in bins provided.

·  End of period 2 and 4 teachers will escort their class to the allocated outdoor year group zone area.

·  Pupils are not to go any other year group zone area which is not linked to their own year group.

·  Pupils are not to go into any other classrooms other than on their timetabled at the designated time.

Equipment ·  Pupils should bring in all their own equipment black pen, red pen, pencil, ruler, calculator, highlighters.

·  Pupils should not bring in any other personal items that are not absolutely necessary for their school work.

·  Pupils will not share equipment and resources (like stationery).

·  When leaving the classroom at the end of day they should not leave any personal belongings on the desk.

·  Pupils will be allowed to bring in their own hand sanitiser and tissues where possible.

·  Pupils should make sure they sanitise/wash their hands before and after handling books.

Library ·  School will operate a virtual library to enable pupils to order books.  Once ordered online books will be delivered to pupils.

·  Pupils will be given details how to order in September.

Hygiene ·  All pupils/staff must sanitise when entering the building.

·  Clean your hands more often than usual – with running water and soap and dry them thoroughly or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered.

  • Use the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Please wash all clothes worn at school regularly.
  • Each year group will be allocated with their own toilets for both male/female. Some will be within the building and some portaloos which will be based in the year group outside zone area.
Consideration of Others
  • The coronavirus outbreak may have caused significant mental health or wellbeing difficulties not only for young people but staff too.
  • Please be aware of this and if you have any concerns regarding return to school that you discuss this privately with your HOY/SLT link and avoid discussing within the school and possibly contributing without realising to others developed anxieties related to the virus.
  • Remind your child to limit their contact with other pupils and staff, and don’t congregate in shared spaces.
Safeguarding ·  Staff are aware that pupils may be worried and will continue to be extra vigilant regarding safeguarding and wellbeing of all pupils.

·  If any safeguarding issues come to light they will be immediately addressed as per the school’s safeguarding policy.

·  Please immediately pass on any safeguarding concerns to a member of staff either by telephone or e-mail.

Mental Health ·  Heads of Year will be available for pupils to speak to regarding any mental health issues they are experiencing

·  Place 2 Be will be available within school 3 days per week.

Fire Drill ·  Staff and Pupils to leave via nearest fire exit.

·  Staff to ensure all pupils are out of rooms.

·  Staff and Pupils follow normal  evacuation drill and route plan (y7 and 8 courts).

When going home ·  There will be a phased dismissal for years 7/8/9 and years 10/11 to ensure numbers are limited when leaving the premises – see above

·  Pupils should not walk home with other pupils unless they are from their household and maintain social distancing. GO STRAIGHT HOME.

· Were possible they should not use public transport.

·  If you are collecting your child from school please do not enter the school grounds unless you have been given authorisation by the SEN department to collect your child.

·  When arriving home pupils  are advised to change their clothes and wash them ready for the next time in school.

Collecting Pupils from School ·  Please do not park outside the school any yellow lines and/or block any resident driveways.

·  Please do not congregate on the pavements to meet your children to maintain social distancing when pupils are arriving and/or leaving the premise.

Government Guidance’s


Government latest documents (11.1.21)


Protocols will be reviewed regularly and subject to change.