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Year 11 Closure and Catch Up

15th October 2020

To all Year 11 Parents/Carers

Dear Parent/Carer

Re:  Year 11 Closure and Catch Up


This morning I was informed of a further positive case in year 11. We have identified pupils in close contact and have informed them about self-isolation. As this is the second case in a week, myself and the Chair of Governors have decided to close the year 11 bubble tomorrow for a deep clean to try and prevent further cases.

This is again not an easy decision but I hope you will support me.  With the rise in cases we are doing all we can to prevent infection in school.





I also wanted to write to parents to inform you of what Philips is doing to address Year 11 catch up and to support those pupils who have had to self-isolate, some on more than one occasion.

I understand how upsetting and frustrating it must be but please be assured we are doing all we can to prepare your son/daughter for their examinations next Summer.

Some of the strategies we are putting place are:-

  • Period 6 intervention sessions already in place from September 2020.
  • Adapted curriculum journeys.
  • Booklets given to all pupils this week regarding where the curriculum has been amended to cover all missed work. A copy is on the website, please take a look.
  • Targeted Holiday “catch up” sessions; the first one is happening October Half Term 2020.
  • Weekend “catch up” sessions from home on Microsoft Teams starting soon.
  • Work is being put onto Show My Homework for any lessons missed.
  • Pupils without access to a laptop or the internet have received a laptop or internet access based on a very specific criteria.
  • Support is currently being given to pupils who have anxiety as a result of lockdown.
  • Support will also be given for pupils who have additional anxiety and stress in relation to exams. Pupils do need to talk to either their Heads of Year or Gail from Place2Be about any of their mental health issues and we will put the relevant support in place.
  • Parents/carers can contact school with any concerns over their child’s mental health.
  • All pupils should now have received a letter with instructions of how to access Microsoft 365 Email and Microsoft Teams. From Friday (16th October) onwards, pupils will be able to access subject teachers’ Teams pages and work will be put on there. This is NOT replacing Show My Homework, but an online remote platform to support their learning. All communications are logged via the school network and e-safety is taken very seriously.

If they have any issues logging onto their account, follow the link on the letter. The letter will be emailed via Sims to Parents, uploaded onto the school website and shared via Twitter.

In the next few days the names selected for Half Term and weekend sessions will be circulated.

Please ensure your child attends on time, with the correct mind-set and equipment.  If they have not been selected on this occasion, then they may after Christmas.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Heads of Year and/or SLT Link, Mrs Potts.

I would also like to thank you once again for continuing to work with us in supporting your child’s education at Philips High School. If there is any more you feel you need please let us know.

Yours sincerely

Ms T Owen