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Welcome back to School Y10!

Welcome back to School Y10! June 2020

We are all really delighted to see so many of you back at school at last. There has been a fantastic response from you and your families, well done everyone. Reports from the staff are all so positive, about your very high level of cooperation with everything, following the rules, doing the work set etc.
We know some of you have been anxious about this, and hope that now you’re in the building you can see how much effort has gone into making sure you, your families, and all the staff are as safe as possible.

The government rules at the moment say that only 25% of you can be in the building at any one time, which is why the groups are small and split up into different sessions. You can see we are following the rules on being physically distant, by having one person per desk, and only a few desks per room. If you are still working from home and now want a place, you are allowed to change your mind. Please get your parents to contact school to arrange a start date for you.

The online home working is set to carry on for the rest of year 10, so don’t stop now. So many of you have done so well. Every single person in Y10 in the UK is concerned about “falling behind”, but Mr Howarth has a good analogy. Think about running a race – if one person stands still for 10 minutes, then starts running again, it would be very hard for them to catch up with everyone else. But if all the runners stop for 10 minutes, then start again – they’re still all at the same stage. So the important thing is for you to keep going with whatever work we give you.

Being in school will really help you get a head start on the work for your daily subjects at home. Ask your teachers for help, keep sending messages and emails when you’re at home, we all want to help you be the best you can be.

57 of you have applied to be duty prefects, senior prefects, and 12 for Heads and Deputy Prefects. Once we have finalised a way of getting the whole school involved with the new Prefect team for 2020/2021, you will hear more. Don’t worry – we have read all your applications and we haven’t forgotten you.

If you’re wondering or even worrying about what will happen to the rest of the school, over the summer holidays, in September, or GCSE exams in 2021, don’t. The whole of the UK is in the same situation, and there is a lot of chat on the news and social media about what may or may not happen. As soon as we know, we will let you know, and we will all be absolutely fine!

Keep going with your new-style star cards, all the info is on SMHW. Keep an eye on the website, follow the school twitter @PhilipsHigh – there’s still loads of news, ideas and communications going on in the Philips High School family.

See you soon.

Ms Evans (mevans@philipshigh.co.uk) Miss Parkinson Mrs Potts Heads of Year 10

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