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Captain Lou Rudd MBE

Captain Lou Rudd MBE visits Philips High School Tuesday 2 July 2019

Captain Lou Rudd MBE is the first and only Briton to trek unaided across Antarctica.

Captain Lou Rudd, 49, finished his gruelling 925-mile journey after 56 days.

The Englishman became only the second person in history to complete the expedition without any assistance after American endurance athlete Colin O’Brady finished the day before him.

Capt Rudd, a motor transport officer based at the Infantry Battle School in Brecon, Mid Wales, said he was “delighted” to have finished the expedition, which he undertook in memory of close friend and explorer Henry Worsley, who died attempting the unassisted solo trip, collapsing from exhaustion towards the end of the trek.

Captain Lou Rudd MBE Captain Lou Rudd MBE

Captain Rudd visited Philips High School today to speak to pupils, parents and grandparents about his expedition, he also spoke about others whose journeys inspired him.  The Terra Nova Expedition in 1912 which was led by Robert Scott, where unfortunately all on the team died but later it was found if they had done an extra 11 steps per day on their expedition that chances are they would have survived.  Captain Rudd spoke to our students and said no matter what whilst he was doing his trek, when he was ready to stop for the day, he always made sure he did those extra 11 steps.  Captain Rudd emphasized to our students that this is the same mentality they should be taking in their own studies and ambitions, to always go the extra steps.

There were lots of questions asked by our students which included our new Cadets for the school’s Combined Cadets Force Course which starts in September 2019.  Questions asked where ‘what was your best memory’, ‘what was your biggest mistake on the expedition’, ‘what happened when your ski broke’, and the most comment question ‘how did you go to the toilet’.

Captain Rudd spoke to our students after the talk and showed them the equipment he used for his expedition.

This was an amazing opportunity for our school to have such an influential person to come and speak to us about his life and journey.  We are looking forward to seeing the movie in the future about his expedition, and who better to direct the movie than local Danny Boyle and Brad Pitt to play Captain Rudd.

2 July 2019

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