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At Philips High School the Life Skills curriculum combines personal, social and health education, citizenship and careers education to enable all our pupils to make safe informed decisions, to stay healthy and manage risk, to achieve economic well-being and to make a positive contribution to society. We strive to raise aspirations to enable all pupils to make an effective post-16 transition and to leave us equipped with career skills that will help them into future training and employment.  Through our programmes of study we endeavour to promote life-long learning as an essential and enduring quality to develop and refine the ever changing skills needed for life in a complex and global community.  Life skills is a planned programme of both formal and informal learning opportunities, independent research and experiences that help young people grow and develop as individuals and as members of families and communities.

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KS3 Curriculum
KS3 Curriculum 

Year 7 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
First Aid/Heart Start Disability Awareness Relationships
Safety Drugs Smoking/Alcohol/ Healthy Lifestyle
Puberty and Body Changes Self Esteem/Body Image Careers
British Values and Responsibilities School Council Local Community
Fair trade Identity and Families
Year 8 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Police Courts and Tribunals Hate Crimes
Assertiveness and Resilience Separation and Divorce Human Rights
Positive Relationships Domestic Abuse Stress and Depression
Gambling Careers Road Safety
Child Abuse Relationships Budgeting and Saving
Bereavement Revision Techniques Teenage Abusive Relationships
Youth Justice The Monarchy
Phone Safety
Year 9 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Relationships Consent Drugs
Option Choices Eating disorders FGM
Careers Exploitation and Grooming Volunteering
Obsessions and Compulsions Political Parties Voting and Elections
Democracy Police Being Enterprising
Self Harm- Samaritans Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias
Teenage Parents Social Action Project
MPs and Parliament
Campaigning and Lobbying
Safety- Railways and Open Water


Assessment Details
No formal assessments

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KS4 Curriculum
KS4 Curriculum 

Year 10 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Support agencies Insurance, pensions and savings Enterprise and Employability

Careers- Joseph Holts

Prevent Different voting Systems Forced Marriage
Drugs Relationships Pornography
Bank statements Careers Democracy vs Dictatorship
Abortion/adoption Baby First Aid Police- keeping safe
Suicidal Feelings Human Trafficking Commonwealth
Sexuality Public Money
Pay Day Loans EU
Refugees and Asylum Seekers Breast ironing
Free Press
Year 11 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Careers LGBTQ awareness Exam Preparation
Relationships Knife Crime
Gangs (honour-based violence) Emergency First Aid
Sunbeds/Cosmetic Procedures Early Break
Mental Illness
Careers- action planning for future


Assessment Details
No formal assessments

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