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Through the practise of art, students develop their powers of observation, self-discipline and concentration, control of media, manual dexterity, imagination, enjoyment and aesthetic judgement. It is therefore an integral part of general education.

At Key stage 3, students are taught the basic skills in pencil work, painting techniques, printmaking, textile art; computer aided art and three-dimensional work, together with specialist vocabulary. The core art curriculum focuses on: line; tone; texture; shape; form; pattern; proportion; composition; structure and colour. Students are encouraged to develop independent learning skills, which can be transferable across the curriculum. At Key Stage 4 students have all the knowledge to build upon to prior learning and confidently develop their own ideas from conception to realisation.

In keeping with the national curriculum, projects seek to combine investigative and making skills and critical studies. In practical work, students study artists, craftspeople, designers and cultures of both the past and the present.

The KS3 Art and Design curriculum is as wide, interesting and enjoyable as possible, covering the following themes:-

Year 7 KATs Year 8 KATs Year 9 KATs
Can Drawing Can Drawing Can Drawing
Colour Theory, Sweets Newspaper Drawing Architecture Prep
Portrait Abstract Painting GCSE Architecture Project
Pop Art Pop Star 3D Letter Construction Tunnel Books Prep
Jon Burgerman Landscape Collage GCSE Tunnel Books Project

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KS3 Curriculum
KS3 Curriculum

Year 7 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Can KAT Portrait Jon Burgerman
Colour Theory Pop Art Pop Star  
Year 8 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Can Drawing 3D Letter Construction Landscape Collage
Newspaper Drawing    
Abstract Painting    
Year 9 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Can Drawing GCSE Architecture Project GCSE Tunnel Books Project
Architecture Prep Tunnel Books Prep  


Assessment Details
Each theme builds over the course to cover as many artistic skills and techniques as possible, including basics like mark-making, pencil shading and use of tone in pencil. Pupils learn how to use paint and how to mix, blend and use the theory of colour. There are observational drawing exercises in all three years together with opportunities for three dimensional work, textiles and printmaking.
Useful Websites and Textbooks


KS4 Curriculum
KS4 Curriculum

Year 10 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Jar project Independent project Mock exam prep
Year 11 Topics
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Mock exam Exam MAD time


Assessment Details
At KS4 Art is a popular choice as an option. We offer AQA GCSE Art, 3D Contruction, Fine Art and Photography. Pupils can choose to specialise straight away or wait until Year 11 to make their choice, using year 10 as a foundation year trying out all of the skills whilst producing coursework.

Pupils start with a foundation project on media and techniques and then produce work based on their own ideas. All pupils must produce a minimum of two portfolio assessments and sketchbooks (worth 60% of the overall mark) and a 10 hour externally set test and sketchbook, (worth 40% of the overall mark). Work has been described as imaginative, creative, individual, unique and of a very high standard.

Useful Websites and Textbooks


GCSE AQA Art and Design Student Handbook, Oxford University Press ISBN 978-1-4085-0320-1

Philips High School Student Handbook – pupil shared area>art>GCSE>Student handbook



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