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Exam 2017 Continued

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  I hope you find it informative and that it answers all questions you may have.  I have highlighted below: 2016 results, our new Vision and Values 2016/17, School Development Plan and the changes to our School Behaviour Policy.

Exam Results 2017

I want to congratulate the pupils, staff and parents for the excellent examination results achieved this year. 

The new GCSEs were introduced in English and Maths with a Grade 4 equivalent to a Grade C last year. Despite all the changes, both the English and Maths department improved on last year’s results and a number of these pupils achieved the top grade 9 in English and Maths. There were a number of outstanding performing departments, which include: Science, Expressive Arts, Art, RE, Food and IT.

Below is a table with the highlights from the 2017 Exam results.

Measure 2017 National Average 2016 Results 2017 Result
Progress 8 -0.03 -0.05 0.29
Attainment 8 44.2 4.91 47.1
5+ in En & Ma 39.6% n/a 35%
4+ in En & Ma 63% 53% 59%
% Achieving Ebacc 20% 35.3% 26%
English 4+
(Standard Pass)
67% n/a 71.5%
Maths 4+
(Standard Pass)
69% n/a 65.1%


Measure 2016 National Average 2015 Results 2016 Result
Staying in education or entering employment* 94% 93% 86%

*The staying in education or entering employment measure is based on the 2014-15 cohort.

Within these figures were some very impressive individual performances. Charlotte Plant achieving a 9 in English Language, 8s in English Literature and Maths, as well as 7 other A*-A. Emily Francis achieving 8s in English Language and English Literature, a 7 in Maths and 7 other A*-A. Leon Dixon achieving 9s in English Language and English Literature, a 6 in Maths and 8 other A*-B.

We are incredibly proud of our pupils and staff, during what was a very turbulent examination period.

Our Vision and Values

“Be a STAR at Philips High School”


Striving for success:  Our commitment to high quality teaching and learning experiences provides the foundation for success.  We recognise that success is not only found within the classroom but in many other areas and we develop and celebrate this.

Working Together: We foster positive working relationships with all: pupils, staff, parents, schools and colleges and the local, national and global community.

Aspire to Excellence: We recognise the potential in all of our pupils and provide opportunities that challenge their abilities. This will enable them to aspire to whatever goals and dreams they may have – for example, College, University or Apprenticeship.

Respect for All:  We provide, promote and expect, a high level of support, guidance and care for everyone at Philips High School and the wider community.

Our School Development Plan for 2017-18

Our School Behaviour Policy – Changes made – see the Policy in full on the website under School Policies.

I hope that you have found this information useful and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Ms T Owen