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Our Curriculum Overview

The curriculum of the school is designed in order to provide all students with a broad, balanced education relevant to their needs both now and in the future. The school operates a weekly timetable based upon 25 hours of lessons per week.

Subjects Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 3 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Mathematics 4 hours 3 hours 4 hours
Science 3 hours 3 hours 3 hours
History 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Geography 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
RE 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
French 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Physical Education 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Computing , Design and Technology 3 hours 4 hours 3 hours
Art 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour*
Drama 1 hour 1 hour*
Music 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour*

*Pupils will choose two out of the three subjects (Art, Drama and Music) to study in year 9.

Key Stage 4  – All students study:

Subject Qualification
English Language GCSE (2 certificates)
Science GCSE (2 or 3 certificates)
Mathematics GCSE (1 certificate)
Physical Education None
Religious Studies None
Lifeskills PSHE None

These subjects take up approximately 3/5 of the periods in the week. The remainder are given over to the options subjects.

At Philips High School most pupils will continue to learn French at key stage 4 as a GCSE option

Option Subjects

Full details of these can be found in the Options booklet.

*Click here for our Options Booklet.

If you would like to find out more information about the curriculum, please feel free to contact the school on 0161 351 2200.