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To All Parents/Carers – RE: School Closure

To All Parents/Carers

RE: School Closure

Please find below details of how we will deal with setting work etc. for your child during the forced closure due to Coronavirus. Teachers will be working from home and setting work for pupils to access via Show My Homework.

The school will remain open for pupils of keyworkers, vulnerable pupils etc. More details regarding this will be published tomorrow.

We need to keep students engaged with learning from a distance. We will be using SMHW to set work and to signpost to other portals eg. video clips/research/off line reading/writing tasks/structured questions/retrieval practice/weekly quizzing and structured project work etc. so that there is plenty of work for pupils to access. We are working to make sure that tasks set are highly structured and will be following our curriculum map wherever possible. Pupils will be advised which tasks will be marked.

There will be a timetable for work set as follows:-

Monday English, French, Religious Studies
Tuesday Maths, IT, Psychology
Wednesday Science (inc. Triple), Business Studies, Computing, Engineering
Thursday Geography, Art/Photography, Drama, Music
Friday History, PE, Technology, Cadets, PiXL  Build Up

Some Subjects are only KS4

Pupils will be given up to a week to carry out the work set and parents should check that this is being completed. Some tasks will be completed via Google Forms, information for which you will find on SMHW. When setting the work we have taken into account the weekly hours each subject is taught.

Year 11 pupils will need as close to normal the hours per subject, as possible as it is unclear how grades will be allocated. They need to continue working so when/if we are asked for predictions, we can give an accurate grade.

Pupils will need to take exercise books home to help them complete their work and these should be looked after properly and returned to school once we re-open.

Weekly texts and e-mails will be sent to parents to keep them fully updated and we have set up an e-mail address where you can send any queries /issues etc. with the work set on the SMHW system. SMHW@philipshigh.co.uk

Please also note that there is a safeguarding tab on the School Website where you will be able to access support if required, you can also access full details of the Place2Be Service offered by School.

Girls who may struggle to access sanitary products whilst school is closed may collect products from the Red Boxes around school and take them home.

Yours sincerely

Ms T Owen

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