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UPDATE – Ski trip to Austria 2020

Q and A all destinations (including Italy)

Any guidance given by Select to a party leader or school will be in line with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice (FCO).

At this stage your school ski trip is not affected.

If the group or specific individuals choose to reconsider travelling on our trip, would there be any financial compensation or would we lose all of the money?

  • If the FCO has not imposed travel restrictions to the relevant area/destination, the trip will continue as planned. Should you decide to cancel, fees would apply according to our terms and conditions.

If our flight is cancelled by the airline as a direct result of this issue, would Select find alternative travel arrangements?

  • Yes, we would endeavour to find a suitable flight option based on your circumstances to facilitate your overall package.

What happens if the FCO declares the area we intend to travel to as ‘restricted’?

  • If the FCO published advice is not to travel to your stated destination 48 hours prior to your departure date, then Select as your operator would aim to find a suitable package alternative. If this is not possible, then a full refund would be provided under the EU Package Directive. The refund confirmation would be aligned to your departure date in accordance with ABTA

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What do I need to pack?

  • Reminder that final balances need to be paid by 2nd December

  • Reminder to return personal information documents asap


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