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Year 9 – Enrichment Day Friday 12th July 2019

Students going to Blackpool: We will be leaving school at 9am and travelling by 3 coaches to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.  We expect to return to school between 4:45pm and 5pm.It is important that students arrive to school no later that 8:40am and report to the Main Hall where they will be organised into groups for travel.  Students must stay in these groups for the journeys to and from the Pleasure Beach but are allowed to mix with friends at the venue.  Students should be aware that they represent the school at all times so must be on their best behaviour and follow the rules of the Pleasure Beach.  Students must also follow the instructions of the school staff in regards to meeting times at the end of the day.  Please understand that causing a delay to the leaving time of the trip may incur additional charges of which parents may be liable.

Students may wear their own clothes for the trip but these must be sensible.  There will be a lot of walking so wear sensible shoes (and ones unlikely to fall off whilst being thrown around on the rides!) It is forecast to be nice so hats and sunscreen should be brought as well as waterproofs just in case (or for riding Valhalla!!)  If students bring bags and phones they will at their own risk as they will need to be left with others when riding the thrill rides.  Food and drink may be expensive in the park and students may wish to bring additional money for arcades, etc.

We hope that it will be a wonderful day and fun will be had by all.

Students remaining in school: will need to attend school in full school uniform with equipment for the day.  They will also need to meet in the Main Hall at 8:40am where they will be divided into teaching groups.  They will leave school, as normal, at 3pm.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at school.

D Makin: Head of Humanities


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