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Chester Zoo Trip – Friday 13th July 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,Please find below the final arrangements and details for our Enrichment Day activity trip to Chester Zoo.

Pupils need to arrive in school at 8:30am on Friday 13th July and make their way to the main hall where they will be registered and divided into coaches. Students will be on one of three coaches travelling to Chester Zoo. It is essential that they travel on their allotted coach to and from the zoo and follow staff instructions regarding meeting points for the end of the day. It will only delay the trip if pupils fail to follow the instructions of the staff. We aim to be back at school between 4pm and 4:30pm although this will depend on traffic. Parents will be kept updated should there be a delay.

We have received some information from Chester Zoo (please follow this link for a video instruction (https://youtu.be/C3tT2xCj7xM) This is just a reminder of the rules and expectations for school trips.

Pupils are not allowed in shops without a member of staff. There is also no access to the paid monorail for the day. Staff will be placed at times outside the butterfly and bat houses to accompany pupils through these attractions. These timings will be shared with the pupils on Friday.

There will be Philips staff around the park in strategic places to assist pupils. Pupils may also speak at any time to any member of the Chester Zoo staff. These staff have my contact number should there be any issues. I will be based at the main entrance for the day so that pupils will always be able to find me. Any pupil who is found to be disrespecting the park rules will spend the remainder of the day at my side and parents/guardians will be contacted.

* Pupils may wear their own appropriate clothing for the day. It is not scheduled to be as warm but I would recommend a sun hat/sunscreen and plenty of water.

* Pupils may bring their mobile phones.

* Pupils will be allowed to walk around the park with their friends but should be reminded of the Chester Zoo expectations.

* There are plenty of cafes at the zoo but these can be pricey so please bring a packed lunch if required.

* There will be no eating on the coach so please keep sweet snacks to a minimum

* Any student who has asthma or who is registered with the school to have an inhaler must bring it on the day or they will be unable to travel.

We hope that the pupils have a fantastic day and with your support it should run smoothly. Please feel free to contact me through the school office should you have any further questions

Mrs Dawn Makin
Head of Humanities