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Bury College Summer School


On Mon 26th June, four year 9 pupils attended a 3 day Performing Arts Workshop which culminated in a live performance in front of family and friends. All pupils were really tired when they returned back to school but all agreed they had a great time and really enjoyed working with pupils from other schools.

Yr10 Debating Society

On Thursday 29th June four Yr 10 Pupils competed in the Bury College Schools debating Competition held in The Enterprise Centre at Bury College. 16 schools from across Greater Manchester competed. The pupils had to debate on three topics:

 It should be a legal requirement for everyone to vote in a general election.

Social media does more harm than good.

The government has a moral obligation to increase the number of refugees allowed into the UK.

They did not know if they were For or Against the motion until they arrived and had only 30 minutes to practice their responses.

Our team equipped themselves very well winning two out of their 3 debates and drawing the other. Although we did not win we were commended by the judges on our debating skills, preparation, and teamwork! Frankie Hargreaves was singled out by the judges as “Someone they wouldn’t want to argue against.” Not bad for the first year of the society!